1.2.5. Defence Management and Strategic Studies
Module I: Principles of Management, Introduction to Management, Organizational Planning, Organization, Directing and Motivation, Leadership, Control, Coordination in Organizations.
Module II: Defence Management and Strategic Studies, Principles of Defence Management, Accounting for Defence Management, Organisational Behaviour for Defence Forces, Human Resources and Communication Management, Strategic Management in Defence Establishment, International Conflict Management, Internal Security Management, South Asian Security and Conflict Management.
Module III: Economic, Science and Technology Issues and National Security, Broad Survey of Technological Changes from Industrial Revolution to Inform Action Revolution, Economic Theories of Defence, Basics of Defence Planning, Determinants of Defence Expenditure and Defence Budgeting, National Security and International Trade regimes (WTO, TRIPS, TRIMS, NAFTA, SAPTA), Issues of Mobilization of Resources during War and Peace, Transfer of Technology: Dual use and critical technologies and their impact on national security
1.2.6. Defence Contracts and Tenders
Module I: Fundamentals of Law of Contracts, Essentials of Law of Contracts, Offer and Acceptance, Consideration, Capacity to Contract, Consent, Discharge and Breach of Contract, Remedies for Breach of a Contract.
Module II: Applied Contracts for Defence Sector, Contract of Pledge, Contract of Agency, Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee, Contract of Bailment.
Module III: International Contract Law, Norms and Drafting Guidelines, International Contractual Negotiations, Principles for Drafting of International Commercial Contracts, Norms for Drafting International Commercial Contracts, INCOTERMS: International Commercial Terms published by ICC.
Module IV: Law relating to Tenders and Bidding, Nature, Scope and Meaning of Tender and Tendering Process, Auctions (including rate and running contracts), Tendering Process and Guidelines, Tendering Construction Contracts, Tendering Consultant Contracts, Public Sector Tendering, Sub-Contract Tendering, Tendering Risks, PFI-PPP-DBFO Contracts, Turning tenders into Contracts, Tender Abuses, Right to Information Act, E Contracts and E Tenders
1.2.7. Defence Procurement Policies: National and International Perspectives
Module I: Introduction to Procurement and Defence Procurement Concepts, Concepts of Public Procurement and Defence Procurement, Public Procurement and Innovation: From theory to practice, Public Procurement Process and Organizations, International Framework for Public Procurement, Global Procurement Trends and Practices Conceptual Framework in Defence Procurement.
Module II: Export Control Regimes, Zangger Committee Report 1971, Nuclear Supplies Group 1974, Australia Group 1985, Missile Technology Control Regime 1987, Wassenaar Arrangement 1996, US International Traffic in Arms Regulations 1976.
Module III: Defence Procurement: Global Perspectives, E-Procurement, Open Procurement, Harnessing the ‘PPP’ Model in Defence Acquisition, Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations of UK 2011, UK Defence Reforms Act 2014, UN Arms Trade Treaty 2014, EU Standards and Best Practices in Defence Procurement, Bribery and Corruption in Defence Procurement Practices, Challenges of Defence Procurement: A User Perspective.
Module IV: Defence Procurement in India, Changing Landscape of India’s Defence Sector: Investments, India’s Defence Procurement Policies 2006-2013 Overview, Defence Offset Policies and Impact on Indian Defence Industry, Taxation Policy, FDI Policy on defence Procurement, Impact of India’s Offset Policy on Military Industrial Capability and Self-Reliance, Defence Acquisition and Process Reforms: Indian Army’s and Indian Air Force Perspective
1.2.8. Defence Laws and Policies in India
Module I: Institutional Framework for Defence Governance in India, The British Period, Higher Defence Organisation in India, Ministry of Defence.
Module II: Law relating to Defence Sector in India, Military Doctrines, Maritime Laws of India, Army Act of 1950, Air Force Act 1950, Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Official Secrets Act, Armed Forces Tribunal Act 2007 and Rules, Armed Forces in Aid of Civil Authorities (for law and order and disaster management), Civil Defence Act 1961 and Civil Defence Rules 1968, Police Act, BSF Act and CRPF Act, Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Central Government Regulations on Civil Defence Corps.
Module III: Justice System for Defence in India, The Idea of Justice and Military Justice System in India, Court Martial System: System and Procedure at Trial, Pre-Trial Preparation, Trial by Court Martial, Armed Forces Tribunal.
Module IV: Defence Land Acquisition, Land Acquisition Laws in India, Recent changes in Land Acquisition Laws, Procurement of Land for Defence Establishment and other purposes, Modes & Strategies of Defence Land Procurement

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